Key Global Project Delivery Team Members: Program Manager: Steve; Project Managers: Sekar, Brian, Sam, Esha and Mohith.

Customer Kudos:

“I am extremely happy with the work that Steve & team delivered. The team was very professional, delivered with high quality and was all in. The team also came with many suggestions to improve our approach during the project, and provided suggestions on making it sustainable in the long term. Thank you.

I wanted to take a second and recognize Sekar, Esha and team for what appears to be a relatively smooth cutover to production environment. While this project was/is far from perfect, it is always good to have good collaboration and professionalism as we tackle that which is difficult.

Brian and Mohith– thank you for taking the reins and helping to drive toward this important milestone. While I know the journey is really just beginning, this is indeed a vital hurdle we’ve crossed together and you should be proud of the work you did to get us to this point…..take a quick bow!

I look forward to your continued partnership as we go through multiple phases and make this change even more effective for our user base and for the company.

Again, many thanks and all my very best.” – CTO – IT Solutions

University Sans Malaysia Case Study

University Sans Malaysia (USM) has 24 schools conducting 20 centers of excellence offering 11 academic programs and 72 distance learning programs. It offers undergraduate to post graduate level courses to approximately 30,000 students and has 3 main campuses. KLE also known as the Karnataka Lingayat Education Society was founded in 1916 and now runs 205 institutions in the fields of Healthcare, Information Technology, Law and many other disciplines. In 2006, it was established as a University under recommendation of the University Grants Commission, Government of India. USM-KLE International Medical Program is a collaboration medical program between Universiti Sains Malaysia and Karnataka Lingayat Education Society. It is the first Medical school in Malaysia and India to adopt the Integrated Medical Curriculum that is locally accredited to a USM Medical Degree Program. The program was conducted in Belgaum, India and was customized to the needs of medical career in Malaysia.

The Challenge: USM-KLE wanted to overcome the challenge where parents sitting in Malaysia were able to monitor their kids going to medical school in India. The ability to track and locate the students inside the vast campus was a vital challenge. Realtime access to error-free and easy to understand reports for the parents was vital. Enrollment goals could be dependent on assuring parents of the safety and security of their children while at college. A secondary goal was to automate the Time & Attendance in each class. Manual attendance was taking away valuable instruction time each day. Not only was it error prone but also not conducive in tracking the movement of the students while on campus. An integrated system was needed that could automatically track the entry and exit of the student in and out of the campus (or alternatively, into a classroom). Successful implementation of the project needed close coordination between two large educational institutions, the governments of two countries and the logistics of a widely spread campus.

Solution:  A Delonti Time & Attendance system with customized reporting capability.

Result:  Immediate improvement in student attendance,  Assurance to parents with 24×7 monitoring capability while their children were on campus,  Greater time for instruction with automated attendance taking, Substantial reduction in administrative errors with automated notifications of event

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