RFID system for manufacturing to increase your manufacturing efficiency

Radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology is experiencing unprecedented growth. With increased standards, lower costs, improved reliability, and greater adoption rates, RFID technology is being sought after by various business sectors for bringing greater efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and connectivity in their business processes. The manufacturing industry has been using RFID technology for quite some time now. Most manufacturers are aware of the benefits that RFID brings to the supply chain, but they often overlook the benefits that RFID technology can provide in the actual manufacturing processes. Automotive manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, textile and clothing manufacturers, machinery and spare parts manufacturers, all can benefit from integrating RFID in their manufacturing processes as well as other business processes. Let’s look at some of the ways in which RFID is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

Our Portfolio of Solutions

The use of an RFID system for manufacturing in the supply chain can help in improving the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability across manufacturing, distribution, and transportation. RFID allows real-time visibility of material and assets needed to keep the manufacturing process moving with clockwork-like efficiency. RFID reduces shipping errors, improves security, validates raw materials and finished goods, and offers increased visibility of goods within a supply chain. 

  • Improve the quality and transparency of the data across the supply chain
  • Make it easier to implement flexible manufacturing processes
  • Increase the accuracy of and reduce the time spent taking inventories
  • Reliable track and trace in challenging physical environments
  • Increase efficiency and cut down on rework

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