RFID System In Education Institutes

RFID System In Education Institutes

RFID System In Education Institutes

RFID – Smart Campus for Schools and Higher Ed

All of us enjoy the benefits of RFID solutions every day even though many of us do not recognize its presence in various situations in our daily life. We see it in retail stores, libraries, hospitals, amusement parks, airports, schools and any place where tracking of item/people movements are implemented to serve the customers better. Even though RFID related solutions were part of libraries from a long time ago, there is a sudden growth in the RFID applications for student tracking as it enhances the overall security of students in schools and other places where constant supervision of adults is required. The RFID applications can produce enormous data that can be analyzed to derive insights for decision making.

Delonti offers service and custom built solutions to Schools and Colleges/Universities.

Delonti is a worldwide leader in RFID Sensing and Indoor navigation solutions. We write custom software and integrate total RFID Sensing and Indoor navigation solutions to dramatically boost security, profits and growth, for Schools/Colleges/Universities of all sizes around the world. 

Our Portfolio of Solutions

DELONTI’s Electronic Aided System for Education is a robust application developed mainly for the Education sector to promote the Institution as a powerful brand. Optimization and resource utilization is the key aspect of any Organization or Institution which has the willingness to achieve the best results from the existing infrastructure. Institute Management is the biggest challenge for any Educational Organization to avail the desired goals, quality and the targets.
How does RFID Attendance System work?

RFID solution can be implemented to enhance the library experience for everyone

The quantity and variety of assets that educational institutions are held accountable for is on the rise. Our RFID solution improves inventory accuracy for state compliance, increases process efficiencies and helps safeguard tagged assets and helps quickly locate critical equipment.

In most of the schools, there will be restricted areas where the students are not advised not to approach. This can be for privacy, security, and safety or to improve discipline. The entry to the restricted areas can be tracked and the warning can be issued immediately.

This allows the tracking of students outside the school campus when they are on a school bus

To provide School Students, visitors,  staff turn-by-turn navigation around the facility.  Analytics on visitor movement trends.


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