RFID for construction and real estate

rfid for construction and real estate

Total visibility over your entire enterprise, 24/7

RFID for construction and real estate

As a construction business, you own and manage physical assets (Tools & Equipments) worth thousands of dollars. Tracking and active management of these assets can be a major challenge. The time and effort invested by the staff in maintaining and keeping track of inventory manually and the loss of inventory as a result of misplaced assets can cost the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Efficient management of the supply chain for the materials used in construction projects can significantly reduce material costs and improve success in meeting project timescales.

Protecting employees from potentially harmful situations is an important concern of businesses where industrial accidents and injury are an ever present danger. Demonstrating compliance to regulation and legislation is central to corporate governance but can consume resources and costs.

All of these issues can be addressed in part by the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Delonti offers service and custom built solutions:

RFID Benefits for Commercial Construction

RFID tagging enables to identify individuals to identify and track the movement of assets / materials at the project locations.

  •  Automation of data capture & reporting
  • Data collection & response
  • Facilitation of movement, access control
  • Real-time  Reports and Alerts
  • Security – Prevents theft  and unauthorized entry/exit

Project Managers / Administrators can access reports with mobile, RFID enhances the monitoring of project and streamlines operations. 

Delonti Edge

The custom software Delonti provides is written just for your application, to work with the tags, readers, and middleware servers configured to meet your business requirement.

  • Experts in designing user-friendly dashboards to manage systems and reporting
  • Solutions can be stand-alone, cloud-based, or enterprise integrated as needed
  • Variable cost structure and scalable capacity
  • Global on-site support, 24/7
  • 24 hour work-cycles

Project teams with cross-platform experience

Our Portfolio of Solutions

Employee and Tool Tracking inside a closed area with an entry and exit point.

Specifically designed for mobile-mount applications

  • Industry Challenges
  • Our Solution
  • ROI

Wayfinding inside a new large construction facility

Delonti system is simple back office business intuitive software that’s easy to use, also powerful enough to handle businesses of any size from 1 agent to 1,000 agents and many more which ranges from Transactions, Commissions, Agents and Accounts management etc.

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