About Us

Founded in 1998, Delonti is a worldwide leader in custom building and delivering RFID and AI solutions. Our custom integrated software solutions leverage RFID sensing and indoor navigation technologies for new sources of real-time data to safeguard operations, boost profits and drive growth. An MBE certified U.S. Company, Delonti is based in CT, USA and serves clients around the world.

Our Core Values


Seek predictable and repeatable results through rigorous execution and high performance teamwork


Be forthright and honest in all interactions. Establish realistic expectations and meet commitments


Seek continuous improvement and continuous learning to expand what is possible


Embrace and celebrate the individuality and strength of the collective wisdom of a global workforce


Demonstrate genuine sincerity and a personal commitment to exceed client expectations on an individual and company level

We Generate Business Value For You

Any new system or process needs to generate business values to justify implementation. The goal of Delonti is to take the existing capability and equitable profitability to develop an approach generating greater capability and superior profitability.

From Traditional Systems
From Decent Products
From Competent People
From Present Processes


To Advanced Systems
To Smart Products
To Efficient People
To Effective Processes

How we help to generate business value for you?

Cooperatively develop an approach from the existing capability to greater capability …and equitable profitability to a superior one

how to generate values
DelontiÔÇÖs extensive alliance partner network helps drive collaboration and leverage technology independence. The company has established industry-leading global┬áDelonti Alliance Partner Network┬árelationships, including: Verizon, T-Mobile, Verizon Terremark for cloud infrastructure, Intel, Microsoft and UTM healthcare