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Custom Mobile App Development

We develop mobile and web applications for startups and small/medium businesses.


Android app Development

As a leading android mobile application development company that provides futuristic android app development solutions to businesses around the world, Delonti is focused on creating apps with a broad range of features that enable our clients to gain unprecedented business value and an edge over their competition. Our expert Android app developers know their way around the most recent Android platform and API bundles, as well as Java, Kotlin, C++ and development tools such as Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE. We will help you design, code, and deploy your custom Android App on the Google Play Store.

We use a proven agile process for all of our Android mobile app development projects. A process that has resulted in millions of downloads in Google Play.

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iOS app Development

Enjoy bringing your idea to life with our talented team at every step. From as early as brainstorming the idea to post-release support, our process ticks every box for your project — whether its iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device. Over 8 years with mobile technology has allowed us to craft a flexible workflow that ensures the highest efficiency for our iOS app development services.

app development

Technologies we leverage:

Tools and Solutions

Xcode  –  Mockingbird  –   ASIHTTPRequest  –   Xamarin  –   ShareKit  –   Urban Airship  –   Universal Analytics  –  Twilio  –  HockeyApp  –  Testflight  –  Wikitude  –  RedLazer API  –   Payment Systems (PayPal, DataTrans)  –   Social Networking APIs.

iOS App Development Frameworks

Apple Xcode IDE  –  Cocoa  –  Cocoa Touch  –  Apple UIKit Framework  –  ARKit  –  Core Graphics  –  Core Animation  –  Core Audio  –  Core ML-  Titanium  –  React Native  –  Unity 3D  –  Phonegap  –  Sencha  –  Cocos2d  –  Apache Cordova  –  OpenGL ES  –  Cocoa Controls  –  Native SDK

iOS Development Languages

Swift  –  C#  –  JavaScript  –  Objective –C/C++

ORM’s and Database

 SQLite  –  Core Data  –  Realm Mobile Database  –  RestKit  –  SQLLite.Net  –  FMDB

iOS Development Platform

 Yosemite  –  Ionic  –  MacOS Sierra  –  MacOS Maverick  


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