Retail & Consumer Products

Retail & Consumer Products

In an increasingly competitive environment, successful retailers are those who continually find ways to maximize revenue opportunities, decrease costs, and provide a consistent, enhanced customer experience.

Delonti’s RFID solution offers retailers real-time visibility into inventory and product movement to improve store productivity, avoid long billing queues through smart carts and alert mechanism to prevent thefts thereby making shopping a pleasurable experience.

Our Portfolio of Solutions

  • Smart Cart/Trolley
  • Smart Shelf
  • In-store Inventory Management (Item level)
  • In-store Inventory Management (pallet level)

RFID tags enable an increased visibility and accuracy of the asset pool. This visibility and accuracy impacts six main areas: operating costs, shrinkage, lead times, inventory visibility and accuracy, customer service and integration

People Identification and tracking has always been a tedious and time consuming task, this has been simplified with DELONTI’s Time and Attendance Solutions, a complete Attendance Management Solutions which fulfils the requirements of your needs.

DELONTI’s Vehicle Tracking System has been designed to fetch accurate information such as the Speed at which the Vehicle is moving, Direction of Travel, and most importantly the Location.

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