Founded in 1988, Delonti is a worldwide leader in RFID sensing and custom AI solutions. Our custom software and integrated solutions leverage RFID Sensing and Indoor navigation technologies for new sources of real-time data to safeguard operations, boost profits and drive growth.

Our custom AI solutions are built to scale. We are results driven and deep in AI and ML. Our IT services support virtually any IT application you deploy. We focus on two areas:

  • Technology implementation services, including: developing new applications; consolidating existing ones; transforming IT environments into software platforms.
  • Application outsourcing services, covering: application and platform management; infrastructure management; quality assurance management.

An MBE certified U.S. Company, Delonti is based in CT, USA and serves clients around the world.



Radio frequency identification, or RFID, uses radio waves to automatically identify people and objects. Systems include tags, tag readers and middleware servers. The tags carry information on a microchip that wirelessly transmits to tag readers. Tags may be carried by people, attached to animals, objects and vehicles, or even embedded under the skin.

RFID provides data integrity and accuracy with minimal time, effort and labor. RFID Sensing and Indoor navigation systems can be used almost anywhere identification is needed, from clothing to missiles, to food. Tags can provide information as simple as a name and address or as complex as instructions on how to assemble a car, but they do not store private or confidential information, only a serial number that connects to your database. Tags can be any size or shape and made to withstand submersion, extreme temperatures and high impacts. Tag readers vary in distance ranges and features, depending on needs.

Key RFID Attributes:

  • Specific, real-time identification of people/objects
  • Portable database
  • Time-saving data collection
  • Requires no line-of-sight or contact between readers, scanners and tags
  • Read-write capability and data storage space
  • Durability
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Artificial Intelligence

No matter how you use our solutions, your data and insights belong to you − and only you. We create a layer of artificial intelligence that delivers predictions and recommendations based on your unique requirement and data. Use those insights to automate responses and actions, making your employees more productive, and your customers more contented. 

Indoor Navigation System

Our indoor positioning technology along with our hardware partners is the best solution available on the market today that provides multi-floor, multi-building indoor navigation. In fact, we have the first and most accurate indoor positioning technology that utilizes Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy Radio Frequency Emitting Beacons). We have the ability to quickly deliver turnkey indoor navigation solutions, including: beacon hardware, sophisticated navigation features, SDK software, reliable cloud-based services, administrative platforms and professional & engineering services.


Indoor Location Accuracy: Our indoor positioning technology provides sub-meter location accuracy. The Indoor Location Engine serves as the foundation for the indoor location-based services and applications.

Wayfinding: Our solution provides accurate and dynamic turn-by-turn, step-by-step indoor navigation.

Our integrated indoor positioning and indoor navigation (IPIN) platform offers many features, including:

  • Multi-language step-by-step audio and text navigation directions
  • Handicap-accessibility route customization
  • Automatic route correction
  • Augmented reality navigation with the camera
  • Easy browse and search capabilities
  • Automatic floor detection
  • Blue-dot, map-based location and navigation
  • The app auto-detects floor location and floor change when the application is opened, and the user can always use the ‘blue-dot’ feature to know their current location.
  • Included in our backend management is the ability to collect anonymous data for analytical purposes should the venue desire.

Contextual Push Notifications:

Our technology and the accompanying geo-fence design and content management platform enables context based push notifications. The data that is pushed to the user device can be downloaded via Wi-Fi. Using iBeacon technology, the location-based notification can wake up the app even if it is not running in order to communicate offers, promotions, and nearby amenities and services. Administrators have complete control over the content and trigger points.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System, an array of satellites that calculates individual positions with great accuracy. Around the world, poor vehicle management is the source of productivity losses, shipping delays, property damage, personal injuries, air pollution and increased fuel consumption, adding up to billions of dollars per year. Delonti partners with key GPS providers to use GPS as a standalone technology or together with RFID to eliminate many of these problems, benefitting commercial fleets, mass transit systems, road maintenance crews and emergency vehicle deployments and shipping accuracy.

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Near-Field Communication, or NFC, is a form of short-range wireless communication that can be enabled on smartphones and tablets. Delonti uses NFC to implement RFID Sensing and Indoor navigation solutions through mobile apps, which allow those mobile devices to work as highly portable tag readers.