Inventory Management & Access Control

RFID Inventory Management

The quantity and variety of assets that educational institutions are held accountable for is on the rise. Our RFID solution improves inventory accuracy for state compliance, increases process efficiencies and helps safeguard tagged assets and helps quickly locate critical equipment.

Benefits of Inventory Management:

  • Reduce inventory time
  • Achieve real-time physical inventory of assets
  • Enhance productivity by remotely monitoring assets and infrastructure
  • Deliver more timely information for decision making
  • Improve security by preventing assets from leaving premises and keeping designated assets out of unauthorized areas
  • NEW – iOS and Android app for smart devices handles most frequent location and assignment tasks with ease and flexibility.

RFID Access Control

In most of the schools, there will be restricted areas where the students are not advised not to approach. This can be for privacy, security, and safety or to improve discipline. The entry to the restricted areas can be tracked and the warning can be issued immediately.

Unlock the door directly from the app on your phone

While many access control systems require users to touch a common reader, keypad or biometric scanner, Delonti users can unlock a door using the Delonti app. The user simply opens the app on their smartphone when in proximity to the reader, and taps a button to trigger the unlock. The app uses triple unlock technology, sending the unlock request simultaneously via BLE, Wi-Fi, and cellular data, so it works even if the Internet is down. This method helps add an extra layer of security by leveraging biometric and multi-factor authentication built-in to the user’s smartphone.

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