Document Management: An Overview

RFID technology enables a break-through revolution in tracking documents. It is especially beneficial in those environments where the documents are of high value to the organization, and the temporary or permanent loss of a document would have a significant negative impact. RFID technology can dramatically reduce costs associated with tracking documents

Document trays with RFID readers can now hold as many as one hundred documents that can be read at one time. The number of documents read simultaneously can grow to the thousands just by adding more antennae in the read vicinity.

Document Tracking Using RFID

  • Each document is tagged with an RFID tag, in the form of an adhesive label.
  • Staff may also be issued RFID cards for checking documents in and out.
  • RFID readers at entry-points of file-room(s) are used by staff to check documents in and out.
  • Hand-held RFID readers are used to Perform rapid inventory checks and to

Hunt” for missing documents by waving the reader over shelves, filing cabinets, or piles of documents

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