Armory Management: An Overview

RFID Armory Management System uses RFID technology to enhance the security, accountability, and efficiency of your armory. The system is designed to track and inventory weapons, ammunition, and equipment as these items are issued, returned, and stored. The RFID Armory Management System maintains a complete chain of custody on each asset in the database from initial acquisition to final disposition as well as actively managing personnel access to those assets. RFID chips are stored discreetly within each asset and RFID antennas mounted at armory exchange windows to automatically track assets as they are issued and returned. 

  • Weapons Racks for Efficient Storage
  • RFID Antennas / Sensors around Doorway(s) for In / Out Tracking
  • Portal RFID Reader for Rapid Inventories
  • File Server for the ARMS Armory Management System software

The software is configurable to track unlimited item-types, using the same server and database, enabling scalability over time with minimal investment. Software configurations are available for managing weapons, gear, inventory, records, assets, vehicles and many other items or classifications of people. Software can be modified and customized according to each customer’s requirement.

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