Electronic Aided System for Education (EASE)

DELONTI ‘s Electronic Aided System for Education is a robust application developed mainly for the Education sector to promote the Institution as a powerful brand. Optimization and resource utilization is the key aspect of any Organization or Institution which has the willingness to achieve the best results from the existing infrastructure. Institute Management is the biggest challenge for any Educational Organization to avail the desired goals, quality and the targets.

To overcome above strategies “DELONTI” brings to you a complete decision support system integrating all the Departments of the Institute with a modular approach. The modules are ready to use at various Departments of the Institute and give the freedom to the user to access the essence of the system with proper inter modular data exchange and data sharing on behalf of control of the administrative bird eye.

This is a web based application where all the features related to any website of any School, College, University, etc., is already present in a dynamic format.

List of solutions

  • RFID Time and Attendance
  • RFID Access Control
  • RFID Library Management System
  • RFID Vehicle Tracking (School/College Bus)
  • RFID Canteen management system
  • RFID Attendance System for Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff
  • RFID Asset Management and Inventory tracking
  • RFID Facility and Event management on Campus
  • RFID Indoor Navigation

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