RFID system for nursing staffs
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RFID system for nursing staffs

RFID system for nursing staffs

RFID system for nursing staffs

Nurse Application

  • A simple mobile application for Nurses to record their clock in and clock out time as they arrive or leave patient locations that are allotted to them along with details of tasks they need to perform for the patient.

Manager Application

  • A mobile application for managers to get alerts and updates regarding the nursing staffs which are in the field in case they are delayed to reach a patient location or are spending more time than expected on any particular patient location along with details of tasks done by them.

Admin Panel

  • A comprehensive web panel for companies to manage their staff, their managers, patients and finances and other aspects that are related to the system.

How the solution  Works

  • Solution will be simple to use and will need very less user interactions to capture the attendance and other data. Here are the two technology modes we use.
  • GPS Geo Fencing In this case Patient location or residence will be geo-fenced from admin panel and nurse will be able to clock in or clock out here time when she is in this geofence else he or she will not be able to clock in or clock out her time.
  • BLE Fencing We can also opt for placing iBeacon tags within Patient residence and allow clock in and clock out only when the Nurse is in proximity of the Beacon. This will give better accuracy than the GPS option
rfid patient management by nurse

Arriving at Patient Location

After Nurse gets all details about patient, taks to be done and his location, he/she will arrive at Patient location and using their mobile app, they will clock in their time. This will be recorded in database.

Nurses will not be able to clock in their time if they are not at the location.

Patient Progress

Nurse will complete all tasks that are related to that patient and will mark them complete.

System will record the time taken and location of each task to cross check all details later and manage bills and payrolls for the staff

rfid patient management

Leaving the Patient Location

Once the Nurse is done with his or her tasks, he/she will be able to leave and mark his/her clock out time. She/he will be allowed to mark clock out time within Patient location only.

Here we can have a option for not allowing clock out before a fixed amount of time.

Once their clock out time is marked, same is stored in database which is then used to calculate their payrolls

Comprehensive Administration

User Management

     Manage all types of users from dashboard and give those specific roles and access based on their types.


     Easy, faster and more accurate scheduling for jobs and tasks for your staff with bird’s eye on their status.

 Reports and Analysis

     All data and insights in form of reports in real time, to help you take informative decisions.

Billing and Payroll

     Manage patient billing as well as staff payroll through single dashboard


Work Flow

Adding a New Patient : When a new patient is enrolled in the system, he/she will be added in the admin panel along with their location (co-ordinates). This location will be used to create a geo-fence. Admin can add all relevant details about the patient here which can be viewed by the Nurse also.

Allotting a Nurse : After adding a new patient, the admin will allot a Nurse to this patient. Nurse will get a notification on his/her app about this new allotment with details of timing, basic information. A Nurse can get multiple patient allotments which they need to take care during the day.

Allotting Tasks : Once a nurse is allotted to a patient, managers can add tasks that need to be done for that patient on a daily or regular basis. Along with patient information, the Nurse receives these details and will mark them done while attending the patient.

Track Progress : For each patient that is added in the system, managers can track their progress in real time along with tracking their staff as well as the status of each task that needs to be performed for patients by the Nurses.


This will be a cloud based and mobile app-based solution which will not need any physical hardware device implementation and will be pretty much easy to use.

Solution set up on Cloud

Solution is deployed on the cloud and apps will be available on Google and Apple Stores. Nurses and Managers can download the apps and use the system. Their accounts will be created through Web Admin.


Nurses will need internet connectivity on their phones to use the system. This will need cellular or wifi connections as we would also track them in the field if required. Overall data usage will not be very high in complete tracking.


Since the solution is a cloud based, scalability is not an issue. System can handle thousands of users (Nurses/Patients) and their complete data.

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