Financial Firm Managing Customer Data

A major financial firm in India had a massive volume of financial data in diversity and structure: from social media activity and digital interactions to market data and transaction details. Financial specialists often have to work with semi-structured or unstructured data and there is a big challenge to process it manually.

By integrating HelloDocument, it helped them manage their process and  extract applicable information from their data. In particular, it helped with  natural language processing, data mining, and text analytics, which helped transform their data into information that contributed to smarter data governance and better business solutions, and as a result – increased profitability. HelloDocument’s algorithms analyze the influence of some specific financial trends and market developments by learning from customers financial historical data. Finally, these techniques were also used to generate automated reports.

HelloDocument In Education

A major non profit school organization in the United States adopted HelloDocument  to improve learning outcomes and implement solutions that helped all students to succeed. Organization uploaded the digital curriculum to our platform which gave teachers the tools they need to be most effective and help students to perform at the top of their abilities.

By using HelloDocument as an added assistant in the classroom and beyond, our goal is to encourage lifelong learning where each student is met with the individualized tools they need to succeed in school and beyond. 

This helped the organization improve student results, and dropout rates at schools were also reduced. Educational institutions can use predictive analytics on all the data that is collected to give them insights on future students.

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