Wireless Temperature Sensing

Storing pharmaceuticals, tissues, organs, vaccines, reagents, biohazard material and other consumables at the proper temperatures and humidity levels is crucial to hospital operations. If a single material is not properly stored, it can endanger lives, cost a hospital millions of dollars and destroy its reputation. In spite of the importance of accurately monitoring temperature and humidity, most hospitals continue to rely on manual documentation, which is time-consuming and subject to error.

RFID-enabled sensors placed inside refrigerators can help ensure that consumables are not compromised by transmitting radio signals to readers that include environmental data. Integrated software is then able to issue alerts to staff members when temperature or humidity exceeds software-programmed thresholds.

cold medicine

Using RFID + sensors on cold chain and CRT logistics helps improve supply chain and clarifies responsibilities over the assets if anything goes wrong – even allowing for more accurate insurance policies.

We provide both wired and wireless solutions to cold chain and CRT monitoring. 

  • Wired solutions. These solutions rely on a battery supply chain to power up sensors and log data over time. No data transfer is possible until the device is connected to a PC or similar to download the information – typically via USB, Ethernet or similar connections.
  • Wireless solutions. While also dependent in battery supply for sensors and data logging, data transfer is possible at different supply chain locations. This allows for cargo evaluation at different points and users can implement corrective actions if needed.

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