Tag and Trace drugs across the supply chain

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, 10% of the medicine sold in the US market is fake. In a  world with such high levels of drug counterfeiting, it is important to authenticate hospital pharmaceuticals to ensure patient safety. By working with pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies to tag and trace drugs across the supply chain,     hospitals can be assured of the authenticity of their drugs. They can also use RFID to gain real-time data on parameters such as temperature and moisture levels, and configure their RFID systems to provide alerts in the case of conditions that could threaten medication quality.



RFID Can Prevent Substance Misidentification

               Misidentification of drugs can have very serious consequences. For instance, a dialysis patient in 2011 was accidentally given a lethal dosage of a drug that induces paralysis instead of the prescribed antacid. The nurse who administered the medication cited the similar packaging as the reason for the mistake.

               When drugs carry RFID tags that identify them, healthcare professionals do not have to be relied on to identify drugs by containers. By scanning a drug’s tag, a staff member is able to access all the information about it, and verify that it is the correct drug to administer. The misidentification of blood types is also a danger in health centers; blood transfusions of the incorrect type of blood can result in death. Using RFID tags to identify blood containers can help. A hospital staff member can conduct a final scan of the tag on a blood container to verify that the type being used is correct. The misidentification of other substances in use in the hospital can be similarly prevented.



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