Reputed Hospital in NY (Elopement Patient Tracking System)

Project Aim/Objectives

Improving supervision and medical care within care home by tracking the elderly patients suffering from dementia using RFID technology
Locate each patient in real time within the facility
Reduce the access of patients to restricted areas of the care home facility 24/7/365 through Geo-fencing concepts.

Project Brief

A central system interface to the system for care home workers to interact with locating patients and other administrative features of the system.
Central System interface accessible over an internal closed loop intranet to provide patient profile data to authorized care home workers
Remote, wireless devices used by care home workers to access patient medical data, through scanning RFID bracelets for drug administration

Proposed RLS Solution

Deployment Scenario

The requirement is to track dementia patients in a healthcare center. Patients would wear a tag and the system would track the patients, providing live updates of location. The system would raise alarms on certain events  such as security breaches.

Proposed Hardware/Software

Our solution comprised of the following components:

  • WM4-20-RPX: Wrist Tag
  • WM0: Configurator (hardware and software)
  • WM-SM: Locationing Reference Device
  • WM-CP: Chokepoint Exciter
  • Locationing software with APIs for application
  • Actual Application as a custom development

The tags were powered with a rechargeable battery that would last for at least two weeks on moderate activity. The Chokepoint Exciters were used at the entrance and exit of prohibited areas. These would help  provide instant alerts in case of transgression. The tags had an alarm button for emergencies

claasi server

Site Survey Tool-Enhanced Positioning with RF Fingerprinting:

  • Each location has its special signal attenuation characteristic
  • An initial survey records these
  • During actual deployment, a ‘best match’ analysis provides most probable location
  • WM-FP fingerprinting software
rfid tracking

Reputed Hospital in NY

Transitioning the existing manual asset management process into a computerized and integrated RFID based Asset Management System:

Requirement:   Hospital is located in Niagara Falls, NY has implemented 120 pumps and like to automate the           process to track them through RFID technology. Locating and managing inventory poses a major challenge. Not only does taking inventory consume valuable time and effort of its personnel periodically but also a loss of even a small        percentage of these assets can potentially translate into a significant amount in terms of lost revenue.

Delonti’s Solution:  Delonti delivered a cloud based solution, the application was hosted in a secured server      environment of Delonti which was managed and maintained by Delonti Technical Staff.

Project Deliverables:

  • Supply of RFID Tags
  • Supply of RFID Readers
  • Enrollment of existing Asset Details into the Delonti’s Asset management system
  • Complete installation of the systems
  • Onsite hands on training for the staff
  • Production launch of end-to-end solution

Benefits and ROI

  • Customize state of the art solution for a great price
  • Lower Cost
  • Increase Output
  • Enhance Quality
    Improve Image

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