Access Control

Hospitals utilize RFID technology to restrict access to equipment, medication, or information, thereby improving facility security.

For instance, hospitals can configure equipment to require the presence of an RFID-enabled staff badge to activate or move a device. In this way, management can limit the use of certain valuable assets. RFID-based restricted access both prevents and deters theft, as it makes stealing equipment more difficult, and requires a properly-programmed staff badge to use it once stolen.

RFID can also be used to restrict access to areas, such as pharmaceutical supply rooms and patient records, by making RFID badges programmed with the proper entry codes necessary for entry. This access control can prevent the theft of hospital supplies and drugs, and the trespass into secure, confidential records by unauthorized persons.

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Benefits working with Delonti

  • Peace of mind : One stop solution, we will take care from the inception to completion and support and maintenance while you focus on growing your business.
  • Remote support : Remote monitoring enables us to access and repair most problems right from our location reducing response times significantly.
  • Increase efficiency : 24/7 monitoring allows us to proactively detect any potential problem to avoid substantial cost and prevent downtime.
  • Skilled team : A professional, well-trained, competent staff that can be trusted using proven processes and advanced technologies.
  • One payment: many services : You will be able to plan ahead for IT and security projects just like every other utility service and avoid unexpected emergency costs or hidden fees.

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