Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking:

DELONTI’s Vehicle Tracking System is a combination of the futuristic technologies (GPS and RFID), this goes beyond the conventional identification and tracking, and provides a complete solution for Tracking and Managing Vehicle Operations. DELONTI’s Vehicle Tracking System has been designed to fetch accurate information such as the Speed at which the Vehicle is moving, Direction of Travel, and most importantly the Location.

Our Vehicle Tracking system also provides the additional security for the Retail Sector. Retailing stores which receive the Goods from a warehouse, needs to keep track of the vehicle which carries the goods to avoid discrepancies while moving in the stocks. The vehicle can be tracked from the start point, along with the Combination of DELONTI’s Asset Management Solutions, this becomes a very effective tool for the identification of the Stock which has been loaded in the warehouse.  The same can be counter verified once it reaches the retail store. The vehicle can be tracked on its entire route.

Our Vehicle Tracking system gains insight and improves the fleet efficiency with GPS Satellite based mapping, exception alerts and maintenance reminders. The vehicle tracking system can also help you in the reduction of operational costs. By tracking and monitoring the movements of your fleets, you will be able to notice any mileage or fuel abuse by members of staff immediately. With the help of this tracking system the vehicles will be directed to more cost efficient routes and you will be able to avoid congestions more effectively. So this cuts down your fuel expenses. Vehicle tracking systems will also help you save time, effort and money doing paperwork and making endless phone calls to keep track of your vehicle fleets.


  • Informs you whenever the Vehicle started from the warehouse and if there were any stops in between
  • Geo Fencing and Routes can be mapped and assigned to particular Vehicles
  • Indications in case of main source power supply changeover the backup battery
  • Authenticates Drivers with a RFID key Socket
  • Providing over speeding information to remote control room for any disciplinary actions
  • Prevent the vehicle to over speed by stopping it from a remote location


  • Theft Control, Vehicle can be identified, and the engine can be shut off from a remote location
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Optimized usage of the Fleet and Fuel

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