Distribution and Transportation

Delonti’s Edge

The custom software Delonti provides is written just for your application, to work with the tags, readers, and middleware servers configured to meet your business requirements.

  • Experts in designing user-friendly dashboards to manage systems and reporting
  • Solutions can be stand-alone, cloud-based, or enterprise integrated as needed
  • Variable cost structure and scalable capacity
  • Global on-site support, 24/7 offsite support
  • 24 hour work-cycles
  • Project teams with cross-platform experience.

We deliver complete end-to-end solutions (Requirement gathering – Development – Implementation – Support – Maintenance). We work with our hardware partners to select the right RFID readers/tags/beacons.

  • RFID based Employee Tracking
  • RFID base Asset Tracking (warehouse management)
  • Fleet management (Also track the goods within the fleet, track the temperature of the goods, expiry dates etc.)
  • Smart Shelving through RFID
  • Smart shopping cart (RFID based trollies, which will ease the shopping experience, reduce the waiting time in line, automatic check outs)
  • Indoor Navigation – Customers can download an app on their mobile and use it to move around the stores and if they need to locate for a particular product, they will be able to navigate to that product on the shelves.
  • Complete Supply Chain visibility

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