Time and Attendance Solutions

DELONTI’s Attendance Solutions in conjunction with RFID Technology is overthrowing the conventional method of Attendance Management and bringing about a technology revolution. People Identification and tracking has always been a tedious and time consuming task, this has been simplified with DELONTI’s Time and Attendance Solutions, a complete Attendance Management Solutions which fulfils the requirements of your needs.

RFID promises to change this and has proved to deliver results. An RFID enabled time and attendance system operated in the following ways –

  • Attendance of all the Staff Members taken automatically, Clocks the Time In and Time Out of every individual Tag at all entry and exit points
  • The collected data can be automatically sent to the database and reports can be published to various users which might include the Store Owners, Store in-Charge, Managers etc.,
  • Eliminate manual entry of attendance data into a separate spreadsheet or application.
  • This data can be used for the Payroll Processing

There are various other advantages which are bundled along with the DELONTI’s application;

  • Administration can view the attendance of their entire staff through the application
  • Multiple Shift procedures
  • Comprehensive Leaves and Holiday schedules
  • Administrators can communicate with the Staff members through the application
  • Seamless integration with RFID Tags and Readers
  • Various standard and customized reports for monitoring and reference.

The beauty of this technology is the fact that over time new applications can be added onto or easily adapted to the initially implemented modules. This powerful yet easy to use System is suitable for all types of institutions, providing real time information at the click of a button.

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