RFID in Rail Transport

  • Detects a train’s presence and captures the train’s direction, speed and car type, equipment identification, axle count, car length, date and time recorded
  • Recognizes beginning and end of trains
  • Identifies individual railcars by their wheel pattern and AEI transponder tag
  • Classifies railcars and identifies railcar types in tagged and untagged environments
  • Produces front-to-back listing of the train configuration or car reports
  • Transmits “clean consist” list and other valuable data to host management systems
  • Advanced asset ID systems and integration with other applications
  • Run continuous diagnostics, automatic calls for service
train track equipment

“Train Moves” handled by AEI

  • Through – Moves
  • Stop and Go
  • Jockey
  • Multi-track
  • Reverse Exit
  • Pickup (Pull Through) (NEW)
  • Setout (NEW)
aar standard tag placement

TransCore 5118 Tag – Industry Standard

5Flags LLC recommends the use

 of TransCore 5118 tags programmed in S918 format:

  • 20 year track record for reliability

– designed for railroad use

  • Supports tag validation data for complex train moves
  • Supports Dynamic tag product line for fuel, temperature, etc.
tags used for train list processing

RFID Container Security tag

  • Provides end-to-end container security
  • Allows for container breach identification in on train consist in motion
  • Identifies location of individual breached container in train consist
  • Provides real time visibility into container location on line
truck tag

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