Asset Tracking

The use of DELONTI’s RFID systems to track assets provide a distinctive set of benefits. RFID tags enable an increased visibility and accuracy of the asset pool. This visibility and accuracy impacts six main areas: operating costs, shrinkage, lead times, inventory visibility and accuracy, customer service and integration among parents. RFID streamline the management of assets (such as machinery or containers) and increase the efficiency by reducing the equipment needed or reducing labor, thus translating into higher profits. Reduced assets shrinkage, increase ROI. Lead times (total cycle time) are reduced with the increased efficiency to handle the assets. 

As pallets of merchandise are received in the back room, the data is made available to a function for scheduling the stocking process. DELONTI’s application already consists of the current inventory levels in the store and will schedule stocking of merchandise that is either out-of-stock or at a low inventory level.

Some stores have back room or secondary stocking areas within a store. The stocking function not only puts away new merchandise, but it also moves merchandise from secondary locations to primary selling areas.

The automatic identification of products inside the store would increase the inventory visibility and its accuracy.


  • Decrease shrinkage levels, increase profits.
  • Customer service and the shopping experience can be enhanced by providing applications enabled by RFID.
  • Stock out levels can be decreased as consequences of the increased inventory visibility.
  • Decreased stock outs increase sales and ultimately, increase profits.
  • Decreased stock outs levels also increase the customer service.
  • Finally, inventory levels can be reduced, increasing the ROI.

DELONTI’s Asset Tracking and Management Solution is built on a Framework using RFID on which the Assets (which can be classified based on various aspects) are monitored and managed systematically and securely. This system provides a structured and systematic approach to Tracking, Monitoring, Cataloguing, Storing, Retrieving, Archiving, Disposing etc.

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