Delonti solutions for Airline and Airports

Research has estimated that the global airline industry could save US$760 Million annually just from RFID baggage processing with estimates in the US$Billions when cargo, freight and parts processing is improved with RFID tracking.

There are many opportunities for ROI in Airport Operations:

  • Security Regulations Compliance
  • On Time Departure – plane refueling, food service, passenger processing
  • Customer Service – lost bag, faster bags, faster connections
  • Labor Optimization
  • Parts pedigree & Electronic Maintenance Logs
  • Smart Recall – bag retrieval
  • Work Scheduling
  • Airport Operations Optimization – smart gates
  • Asset Utilization – baggage carts, tugs, air cargo container
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  • Ticket Kiosk to avoid queuing.
  • Electronic Promotions for special offers.
  • Mobile computing for more efficient passenger processing.
  • Mobile boarding pass & ancillary offers via broadband.
  • Permanent bag tags using RFID to find the location of missing bags.
  • Augmented reality to improve passenger navigation.
  • Location aware baggage so passenger can track their bag.
  • Self-service baggage drop and processing.
  • Personalized promotions based on passenger preferences.
  • Near field communication phones allow mobile payments.
  • Airport location tracking so airlines know where passengers and baggage are.
  • Near field communication archways for automatic check-in.
  • Swipe cards to manage faster boarding.

Our Solutions:

We assess the following applications:

    • Airline baggage tagging
    • Reduced wastage in the food service chain
    • Cargo tracking: improving operations
    • Real-Time Inventory Check of on-board Safety equipment
    • Maintenance Operations, Tools and Parts
    • Retail operations within airport concourses
    • Indoor Navigation
    • RFID based Passengers airline ticket
    • Customer loyalty management
    • Tracking children and people with special needs
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